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Rugged Air March 23rd 11 07:43 PM

The Flying Tigers
So I just received a book from my Grandma titled “To Soar with the Tigers”. This book is about my grandmas’ first husbands’ (not my actual grandpa) experience in WWII and his tragic death. The book has his diary he kept while fighting the Japanese and also the story of his home coming both provided by my grandmother! She is the one that provided pictures of Bob and also there wedding it is just cool! Now the funny thing is this was not as I said before my actual grandpa (he was her second husband). Yet she would talk about Bob and how they had a quick romance and then his sudden death and the kind of man he was. What is so great is to get to read the actual story and see it through the actual pilots mind. I have not read the book yet but I do plan on talking about it. Anyways, my whole point of this post is to see what information I can get from people (not wikipedia) about the Flying Tigers. Thanks!!!

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