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jhh February 10th 20 11:59 AM

oddball Radio - FM / data on Airband frequencies
I have a Motorola XTS3000 hand-held transceiver which I purchased some years ago. The radio has a Federal gov't history.

The radio has about 10 frequencies/channels programmed. When the xmit button is pushed, the radio will xmit until power is cut to the radio. This xmit is a 'data stream'. Channel are named HRR-nnn and one channel is HRX-nnn. The descriptions associated with the channels ate: SAW-ON, SWA-OFF and SWA-LONG

So, the question is: does any of of this nomenclature ring any bells in the aircraft world. Particularly dealing with electronics ?



three of the frequencies:
133.860 Mhz
134.160 Mhz
134.460 Mhz

thanks, jack

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