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George Jerome June 5th 17 02:39 AM

Piper Seneca II Alternator circuit problem
I have a 1980 Piper Seneca II owned since 1985.
I am having a problem with the alt warning light. It is intermittent, and burns up the 6 watt 50 ohm resistor located on the enunciator panel. This was never a problem - started very recently. The service manual shows the circuit, but no details or part numbers for the resistors, or any other components in this circuit.

It appears to me that this could be an alternator issue [they are out for test, but both failing at the same time? Not likely]

It could be the ammeters, but again, both at once?? Crazy expensive to replace.

We have replaced the resistors [found a part number], but same issue.

Any thoughts on how to track down the culprit?? I would appreciate all comments.

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