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chama28w4 May 8th 12 03:37 AM

I do not want exposed from the quilt
I do not know what will happen tomorrow, really upset Lin × × two days did not care I am sure simmering bad, torture me tomorrow at my house would be too sad, school, school is not enough, now go to my home or my mother to provoke her, my how it would be a hard life, not liking how everything ah!!

how life is no one thing the Heart!

forest × × just go eh ... if I do not She promised she would also like the H in my home overnight, think of where the scalp is numb.

morning early in the morning this guy went to my house, Dad has set out to travel, the mother has to get up to go out This Independence Day, I have not ran up to my house, my mom was kind enough to let her rest assured and so on (I later learned from her mouth), which means the home owner seems to be like. just inappropriate himself as an outsider.

because it is a rest day so I was up late, did not know her so long, she does not speak to my room, looking through the West, look East, as in watching peep, so poor shabby room she it should feel very fresh, until the sound is too loud woke me up, I stumbled to see that she was dreaming when it comes to miles, the scared, and then rubbed his eyes bleary-eyed look closely, it really is a forest × ×, although she knew would come today, psychologically ready, but still did not expect so early, before 8:00 am, yeah!!! usually seen so early to go to school how ah!!!

I put my head kept in the yard did not want to see her, she may find that I woke up, they came over towards me, does not speak, I knew she was staring at me out, I do not want exposed from the quilt, and can be time long probe head out really wait any longer for the tone, the results take care to see her face in my pillow position, I drilled out my face and when less than ten centimeters from her face, I scared the daylights. I had She does not want to take the initiative to talk to me if I do not say what I can see her, the result was she was such a scare I blurted out an this when I suddenly thought of often ear, like normal ear if it is to like her I do not look back to her, the tone of command up to me quickly, this is my mother's house Yeah! so arrogant, was very angry the.

I ignore it to sleep, suddenly felt a cold, she could hand out to me in bed I pulled my hand trying to pull up, this is a part of woman you! I pretended to sleep pretended to be dead not up, she saw not drag me directly to my hand touch below the past, I was surprised big eyes stare out the entire body huddled, trembling and asked why she wanted, she said Do not you up Xipixiaolian do not you played dead, then install ah, how not installed? that face many people that hate the tone of mention, for anyone will be forced to get it resentment heart.

I said that you go out my clothes She inquiries by telling her side of the Wang Menkou walked quickly back up and looked at me and said do not rely on the, air, and female rogue goes ...

I went to the bathroom brushing teeth, she is not on the outside Dingding Dang know why, get the sound was very noisy, I look out the side brush one side, and seeing this fool around in the kitchen cabinet turned pound box to find a bowl-like block, and said I had bought to help bring breakfast; turned for a long time did not find, in fact, bowl blocks in a cupboard, she opened not see, really stupid.

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