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Gene Buckle May 25th 11 04:52 PM

To: syahz
syahz wrote:
From Newsgroup: rec.aviation.simulators

Experience flying as realistic as it can get with ProFlightSimulator's
Flight Simulator Full Scenery Set, one of the most incredible flight
sims ever created.

The entire purpose of ProFlightSim is to be as close to real life as
possible with real world scenery based on military mapping and full
realistic pilot control with hundreds of aircraft & helicopters to fly

Chose an airplane and fly over the world- LITERALLY. You can fly your
chosen plane over The Great Wall of China, Europe, Africa, even your
own house!

This is a scam. They've taken an old version of the free, open source
flight simulator FlightGear, re-badged it and are trying to scam people
out of their hard earned cash for a free product!

Head over to http://www.flightgear.org and download the current version
of FlightGear for free.


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HishheexiaFew May 27th 11 01:55 AM

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