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Bill Shatzer July 20th 04 05:43 AM

BUFDRVR ) writes:
How much longer would the POWs have had to wait for

Recent interviews with former NVN government and military officers and the
publication of certain NVN documents reveal the U.S. anti-war effort actually
encouraged NVN to continue the conflict in hopes of getting the U.S. out of the
war entirely, including support for SVN.

There was never any possibility that they were going to -not- continue
the conflict - with or without the anti-war movement. They had, after all,
been fighting that conflict for more than two decades - since 1946 - and
were willing to invest indefinite lives and treasure.

There was simply no question that they were going to continue the conflict -
with or without a brief "pause" to let US troops withdraw "with honor".


"Cave ab homine unius libri"

Tom Cervo July 20th 04 06:15 AM

Bernie Kozar, former QB of the Cleveland Browns graduated from a
4-year college after two years. He did it because he was smart
enough to complete a four-year program in two years. I also knew
a girl in college who got her microbilogy degree in three years.

Not hard, if you don't party.

Billy Preston July 20th 04 06:21 AM

"Fred the Red Shirt" wrote

But have they no objection to war?

As a veteran, I have no objection to wars that serve the oppressed,
but I object to wars of conquest.

Regnirps July 20th 04 06:55 AM

(WalterM140) wrote:

The NYT and all the other news orgs who investigayed over the last two years
concluded that Bush would have won recounts in the areas Gore wanted
This issue is so sooo dead that anyone still carying on about it is just
trying to poison the well!

Can you source that?

I read the paper. I don't see why you shouldn't.

Congresswoman Brown indicated that 16,000 of her constituents were not allowed
to vote at all, mooting recounts.

And how did she determine this? Was this in a district Gore contested? Did he
contest the counts in the panhandle or the military votes?

But I'd like you to provide a quote that the NYT said what you suggest.

"The NYT said what I suggest."

-- Charlie Springer

WalterM140 July 20th 04 08:19 AM

But I'd like you to provide a quote that the NYT said what you suggest.

"The NYT said what I suggest."

-- Charlie Springer

So you don't have a source.


WalterM140 July 20th 04 08:32 AM

That is the problem. The US Constitution gives the state legislature the
right to enact election law. The Florida Supreme Court CANNOT use the state
constitution to change those codes. See the article above.

Very interesting. Thanks.

Saw Howard Fineman of Newsweek on 'Hardball' last night. He said the Dems were
ouy-lawyered in 2000 and they had admitted as much. Kerry is working to be
better prepared this year.


R Haskin July 20th 04 11:23 AM

"Ed Rasimus" wrote in message
On Mon, 19 Jul 2004 13:04:34 GMT,

In '83 we got the entire AT-38 fleet painted in a standard
blue-blue-gray gloss camo. That's still what is used by the 435th
doing the fighter lead-in portion of the SUPT syllabus.

IFF AT-38Cs are actually now painted in the 2-tone light gray paint scheme
used by the F-16.

Back circa '99 the decision was made by AETC to repaint both SUPT and IFF
T-38s a strange 2-tone gray color which we called the "cow" or "Gateway"
paint job. The idea was that all T-38s would be T-38Cs, and theoretically
interchangeable between missions and units.


The IFF guys were able to convince AETC to allow a new, different paint
scheme on IFF jets to reflect their "fighter" status, and thus this new
paintjob was born. They started getting this F-16 style paintjob in 2003
and the fleet is getting repainted as they go through depot.


Jeff Crowell July 20th 04 01:18 PM

Mary Shafer wrote:
The F-5 model with the long pointy nose (the F, maybe) spun more
easily and was extremely hard to recover. It took jettisoning the
canopy to break the spin, in fact. The T-38 and the other F-5s
weren't nearly so difficult to recover, but they weren't really easy,
either. The gouge about "easy to spin, easy to recover; hard to spin,
hard to recover" has a certain amount of truth to it.

The E's and F's we had at Top Gun in '81 had the shark nose mod
and leading edge extension. That they were spinnable was proven
(along with difficulty of recovery) when the skipper (MiG killer
Roy Cash) had to return one to the taxpayers.

We all talked about jettisoning the canopy and, in the case of the
2-seaters F's, directing the backseater to eject, in attempts to get
some nosedown pitch (the backseaters used to point out that
having the frontseater leave, instead, was more likely to work--
particularly since HE was the hamburger who had gotten you into
that fix anyway--given the realtive positions of the seats). Nobody
ever had to test the backseater idea, and I am skeptical about the
canopy idea. If you've got no airflow anyway, what good to throw
away the window? Then again, what do you have to lose?


George Z. Bush July 20th 04 02:12 PM

"WalterM140" wrote in message

Would this be the Senate that contained something like 45-50
Democrats? None of whome could be inveigled into signing on?

Yeah, that's weird, isn't it? Tom Dashchle (sp) directed that no senator sign.


What are we talking about? It'd be nice if enough of the original topic had
been retained so that we wouldn't have to ask.

George Z.

Typhoon502 July 20th 04 03:15 PM

(BUFDRVR) wrote in message ...
Sam Byrams wrote:

[Mason's book claims] the T-38 Talon was a big challenge for people
whose total experience consisted of under 200 hours in the T-37.

I found the T-38 easier to fly than the Tweet. It was a bit "tricky" landing,
but it was also easy to learn how to land it well.

Yeah, you just had to push the "autoland" button, right? ;)

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