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[email protected] July 30th 19 12:43 PM

Loehle 5151
On Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 11:01:19 PM UTC-5, wrote:
Are there any Loehle 5151 builders using a GEO 3 or 4 cylinder motor?
I'm interested in how you built the mount.
Thanks in advance,


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Before you buy.

I am looking for a set of factory drawings and all other paper work like booklets and all Loehle supplied with the purchase Of the P 5151 kit. I just bought a P5151 it has no plans and papers with it. Is there some one that can help me.

[email protected] March 2nd 20 04:22 PM

Loehle 5151
Did you find any data? I too have a kit and am looking for plans...

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