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Michael Baldwin, Bruce May 7th 07 10:56 AM

Malloy digest, volume 2454227
Right on cue, completely anal retentive kookdancing queen, Dickless
Davie the "irrelevaant" Ignoranus, whined and
tholed like the antagonistic arsehole that he is:
Right on cue, "Totally unorganized", "total flake", "totally off the
wall" Joseph Malloy writes:

You sould insanely jealous, Dickless. No surprise there, really.


Who is ", Malloy? Still suffering from attribution
problems, Malloy?

249 tholed

What was allegedly endured while writing, Malloy?

Your claptrap, Dickless.

249 some more claptrap, lord knows what.

I'm well aware that Art Deco, Michael Baldwin Bruce, Phil Kyle, Kadaitcha


Man, Lionel, jade, Rob Wolfe, Hypocrisy Alert, and TheBookman wrote more
claptrap, Malloy. No need to tell me about it.

The claptrap is all yours, Dickless.

249 But this gives me a chance to correct a URL:

What does that have to do with OS/2, Malloy?

What? No browsers for 0S/2, Dickless? No surprise there, really.

249 Brave analysis of Tholen's demented mind:

Classic erroneous presupposition of any dementia on my part, Malloy.
Rather ironic to boot.

Where is the irony, oh demented Dickless one?

249 -- corrected URL

Having typing problems as well, Malloy?

You are, Dickless? Oh, poor diddums.

249 Tholen in a box:

Classic erroneous presupposition.

Correction: "Tholoon is a box".

249 Tholen's Kook Awards:

Classic erroneous presupposition.


At least this time you didn't stupidly deny having written "Tholeln"
in a subject line prior to a particular date, Malloy. Of course,
you're the one who likes to portray himself as someone who doesn't
know what he's talking about:

"me: 'Do you have Os/2?'

them: 'What's ohh-esstu, dude?'

me: 'Beats me.'"
--Joe Malloy

Still waiting for a response to:

Q: Who was ignored for the better part of two years but continued to
harass the person ignoring him, going to the extent of seeking out
postings made by that person in other newsgroups for purposes of
exporting that harassment to those other newsgroups?

A: Malloy.

Q: Who is a non-OS/2 user harassing an OS/2 user in an OS/2 newsgroup?

A: Malloy.

Obsession: thy name is Malloy.

Your obsession with Bruce aka the alleged Joe Malloy noted, Dickless.

131 postings from Deco, and not a peep from Malloy about them. Classic

Where is the inconsistency, Dickless? You can't shut your trap about
them. Classic incontinence.

Also rather hypocritical of you to waste electrons by posting, Malloy.

Unlike you, Dickless?

I see that you didn't bother to answer several questions, Malloy. No
surprise there, really.

Your irrelevant questions aren't worth bothering with, Dickless.

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