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Sean Trost July 15th 04 03:56 AM

Looks like fun to me ! LOL

Vaughn wrote:
"Mal" wrote in message

Have fun is it a snow plough of bob cat..

Blanic ! Blanik two seater glider picture

http://www.mals.net/scgc/pages/LET%2...l%20Kovari.htm ?

I had a ADO and did 0.5 in a C172SP right on sunset 0.2 night flying 63
hours total now.

I have a bunch of my early flying hours in the Blanik. To this day, it is
my only retractable time. Of course; they would never let me actually retract
the gear! Does that count?

Since this is also posted to raa, the Blanik can do basic aerobatics. The
one I used to fly would drop a wing enthusiastically in a deep stall and, not
surprisingly, made a great spin trainer. Also sometimes used as a jump plane
because it can be flown without the canopy.
http://www.angelfire.com/fl2/cloudbase/skydivers.html (bottom of page).


Stealth Pilot July 16th 04 03:42 AM

On Wed, 14 Jul 2004 20:43:33 +1000, "Bushy"

worlds! I intend to homebuild at least one aircraft, and probably won't stop
there...... (HMMMMMM,,,,,, High Performance, Complex, Experimental, Aircraft
coming up?)

simple, completed and flying beats high performance, complex etc any
dont make a bad choice of design your second reason for not flying.

..................but a thruster ? barf :-)

Stealth Pilot
....who went west but still lives.

Dave Pilkington July 16th 04 10:21 PM

sounds like you're flying with Mal Beard http://www.aeros.com.au/ good stuff.

Bushy July 17th 04 03:02 PM

sounds like you're flying with Mal Beard http://www.aeros.com.au/ good

Had dinner with Mal, Tracey, Artie and Betty tonight, and will be doing some
training with Mal for the upside down bits, and to finish my PPL, but it's
Artie Hearne that's teaching me the important bit of how to land properly on
tiny little bush strips. Read his article about flying to survive on Mal's
website, as well as checking out all the other bits there.

I'm having a ball learning all about landing again, and un-learning all the
bad habits I had from many years ago! It has really surprised me the
difference in my skills now after 5 1/2 hours with him, and I recommend
doing a few hours learning about "Bush Flying" with him.

The family have made me feel welcome in more ways than I ever imagined, and
they have a wealth of flying experience between them. Instead of feeling I
am at a flying school that is only interested in seperating students from
their money, they are teaching me things above and beyond the call of duty!
We watched, and discussed, a couple of aircraft videos and shows tonight
over dinner, ranging from Mal and others flying aerobatics, to the National
Geographic show on Foxtel about JFK's accident. The extra information that I
have gained from talking with pilots of this calibre about safety and fun
will help me for many years!

Hope this helps,

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