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[email protected] April 17th 16 12:50 AM

Anyone know what happened to Sky Life Flying Camp?
I was in Sky Life for a few years from about 1973 thru 1976. I went to the camp based at the Plateau Sky Ranch near Northville NY in the summer of 1974 if I recall correctly. Went thru that odd initiation in the underwear. I was told it was about trust and performing under pressure. They asked piloting questions during mine (and there were several of us going thru it at the same time). It seemed weird at the time. In retrospect it was creepy.. I wasn't harmed and didn't hear of anything else while there. I remember we flew to Ottawa in a 172 for a day trip from the camp. I also remember doing KP after dinner, building models in a craft room, sailing lessons, seeing a slide show about clouds. I can't forget sleeping in those tents on a platform and taking very cold showers in that outdoor shower arrangement.
Lee Barnes put on a minor aerobics show in his C-210 one evening. I had a great time at flying camp and wanted to stay longer than my 2 weeks. If I recall correctly, I took (and passed) the written exam at camp.
In the winter, the 1963 C-172 N2733U came to Washington County Airport, near Pittsburgh, PA. One of the flight instructors, Chris Bromfield, was attending Washington & Jefferson College and giving lessons. This went on for a few years. When he finished, Bill Mahoney came to town for college and continued flight instruction. I soloed in 33U, but got my private in the summer between high school and college at a local flight school since the club plane went to camp each summer. Lost touch with the club when I went to college.
I tracked down N2733U a few years ago thru the FAA registry. It's sitting in a guys shed somewhere in New England with the wings off and a few other parts off waiting for a restoration that I'm guessing isn't happening soon. He sent me pictures of it in his shed. It was sad to see it stuck there, the plane I learned to fly in.
I ultimately got my instrument rating. But unfortunately, I haven't flown for a few years due to recurring kidney stones.

[email protected] June 20th 17 06:11 AM

Anyone know what happened to Sky Life Flying Camp?
I joined Sky Life on in 1974 and remained a member through 1977, I totally enjoyed myself but was luckily not good looking enough to catch Lee Barns eye. I was on the executive committee of my Chapter which was based at Aviation HS in New York City, and was aware that things were going on. The hazing ritual was wierd enough although we accepted the explanation of questioning under duress as a stress test. But it did seem as some of the better looking boys had to go through the hazing and some ritual punishment a few more times, back then this was one of the few places a teenager could learn to fly and our enthusiasm over took our sense of reason, not that the visibility of this kind of abuse was publicized and that we knew what we'd be able to report it. I lost all touch with the club after a brief visit in 1978 to the camp once more. I did keep a couple of good friends into adulthood from those days though. It's good to know that so,e how that all ended although to think he got away with it for 30 years is shocking, Lee Barns death certificate is on line and shows he died of a heart attack in 1993. Sadly there doesn't seem to be a healthy equivalent today for teenagers to learn flying in a similar environment.
All,the best to everyone out there.

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