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www.airlinesimulation.com December 3rd 05 04:34 AM

AIRLINE - The Aviation Business Simulation
AIRLINE The Aviation Business Simulation


Have you ever dreamed of running your own airline? Convinced you could
build a super airline if only you had control over aircraft types,
seating configuration, advertising, service levels, pricing and

Here is your chance. With our popular PC based AIRLINE 6 software and
the online version, AIRLINE Online, you can test you skill on your own
PC against the computer or on line against other players from around the

AIRLINE can be as detailed as the user wishes to make it. AIRLINE can be
played in regions or globally, a user can decide price levels by
aircraft or by individual segments. Service levels, encompassing such
things as meal service, business lounge access, headphones and luggage
allowance even newspapers, can be controlled across the entire fleet or
again by individual segment.

Promotional items such as playing cards, in-flight magazines and model
aircraft are also taken into consideration and advertising measures can
be implemented on individual cities or across an entire network and
include choices covering various media formats.

AIRLINE includes over 700 aircraft variations, a configuration setting
allows users to turn on or off the facility to include prototype
aircraft such as the original 747-300 Tri Jet which was never developed
but AIRLINE allows users to experiment with these types if enough orders
are received during game play to justify their development in the

Airlines can start subsidiaries, shift operations from long haul full
service to a becoming a low cost budget airline. Users can decide
whether or not to implement a frequent flyer program and what rewards
should be made available to the members.

Given the turbulent times we live in, AIRLINE allows users to decide on
the level of security or additional security measures they will take as
a company including the passage of Sky Marshals.

AIRLINE includes photos taken around the globe (although these have been
edited due to commercial airlines copyright considerations) and a huge
amount of data relating to each aircraft type.

With enough time and resources a player can build a fleet and schedule
thousands of aircraft on unlimited segments. The simulation includes
over 7000 airports with details including runway lengths & curfew times.

AIRLINE allows users to select their starting year, any year from the
mid 1940s to present day. This enables game play to start with a post
war DC3 and make fleet decisions based on actual release dates. It
allows users to print hard copies of their timetables, profit and loss
statements and aircraft data.

This is a serious hobbyist simulation. Don't expect an action packed
arcade game or a flight simulator. AIRLINE is a business simulation for
aviation enthusiasts, professionals and students alike.

The decisions are yours - the future of this airline is in your hands.

AIRLINE is only available from our website www.airlinesimulation.com

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