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Ken Insch December 16th 04 04:12 PM

FS Jap Navy (IJN) Books (WWII)
Selling some of my books. If interested in anything below then email me at

US Navy and Marine Corps Fighters, William Green and Gordon Swanborough
Japanese Army Fighters, William Green and Gordon Swanborough
Fires on the Plain, Shohei Ooka (Jap soldier in the Philipines)
I-Boat Captain, Zenji Orita
A Glorious Way To Die, (Battleship Yamato), Russell Spurr
The Naval Air War 1939-45, Nathan Miller
MacArthur's Navy, (7th Fleet and the Philipines), Edwin Hoyt
Shinano (IJN Supership), Capt. Joseph Enright
US Navy & Japanese Combat Planes, Ed. By Joe Christy
Fighting Aces, Ed by Phil Hirsch, (includes Nobuo Fujita, he bombed USA from
Unit 731Testimony, Hal Gold
War in the Pacific, Triumph of Japan, 1941, Edwin Hoyt
Fighter Aces Of WWII, Robert Jackson (Includes Saburo Sakai)
The Fall of Japan, William Craig
Get Yamamato, Burke Davis
Sink The Haguro, John Winton
At Dawn We Slept, Prange
Combat-Pacific Theater WWII, ed Don Congdon
Zero, Okumiya & Horikoshi
Japanese Naval Aces and Fighter Units in WWII, by Hata and Izawa
Midway (the Jap Navy view), Mitsuo Fuchida and Masatake Okumiya
Target Tokyo, James Merrill
The Battle For Guadalcanal, S. Griffith
Day of Infamy, W. Lord
The Story of Wake Island, James Devereux
Decision at Leyte, S. Falk
Battle of Leyte Gulf, Adrian Stewart
The Battle For Leyte Gulf, C. Vann Woodward
Bataan, Stanley Falk
History of the Japanese Secret Service-Kempai Tai, Richard Deacon
KAMIKAZE, Yasuo Kuwahara
SAMURAI, Saburo Sakai
Blue Sky and Blood, (The Battle of Coral Sea) Ed Hoyt
The Battle of Midway, Ira Peck
Midway, Don Sanford
Midway, Incredible Victory, Walter Lord
I WAS A KAMIKAZE, R. Nagatsuka
THE DIVINE WIND, Inoguchi and Nakajima
THE SUN GOES DOWN, Letters from Japanese Suicide Pilots
THE SACRED WARRIORS: Japan's Suicide Legions, D. Warner
THE KNIGHTS OF BUSHIMO, Lord Russel of Liverpool
Requiem for Battleship Yamato, Yoshida Mitsuru
Kaiten Weapon, Yutaka Yokota
The Life and Death of a Japanese General, John Deane Potter
They Call it Pacific, by Clark Lee
East Wind Rain, Stan Cohen (Pearl Harbor in pictures)
Combat-Pacific Theater WWII, ed Don Congdon
Japanese Destroyer Captain, T. Hara
Yamamoto, Ed Hoyt
Bloody Friday Off Guadalcanal, Lawrence Cortesi
Thunder Gods (The Kamikaze Pilots Tell Their Story), Hastsuho Naito
The Comfort Women, George Hicks
THE FALL OF JAPAN, William Craig
IWO JIMA, Richard F. Newcomb
Tarawa, Robert Sherrod
Japanese Battleships and Crusiers (MacDonald)
Japanese Aircraft Carriers and Destroyers (MacDonald)
28 Years In The Guam Jungle, Sergeant Yokoi

The Bluejackets' Manual 1944
Aircraft Carriers (an illustrated encyclopedia), Roger Chesneau
Royal Netherlands Navy (WWII), H.T. Lenton
British Fleet and Escort Destroyers, H.T. Lenton
British Cruisers, H.T. Lenton
British Battleships and Aircraft Carriers, H.T Lenton
American Battleships, Carriers and Cruisers, H.T. Lenton
American Fleet and Escort Destroyers, H.T. Lenton
The French Navy (WWII) Vol. 1, Henri Le Masson
The French Navy (WWII) Vol. 2, Henri Le Masson
The Soviet Navy (WWII), Vol. 1, Jurg Meister
The Soviet Navy, (WWII)Vol. 2, Jurg Meister

Ballantine's Illustrated Battle Book
#8 Tarawa
#10 Pearl Harbour
#11 Leyte Gulf
#12 Okinawa
#20 Midway
#32 Iwo Jima

Ballantine's Illustrated Weapons Book
#3 Aircraft Carrier
#9 Zero Fighter
#22 Suicide Weapon
#33 Japanese High Seas Fleet

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