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ChuckSlusarczyk August 9th 04 11:21 AM

In article , John Ammeter says...

I read Juan's posts and what I see is someone merely playing
with the posts... he really knows that Jim is a fraud but,
like BWB, Juan is happy that Jim provides him with some
benefits he wouldn't be able to have on his own.

I wonder if Juan is willing to let the "Doctor Campbell"
operate on his appendix?? Does he really believe that
Campbell flew the missions in Etheopia as he claims? If
Juan is as intelligent as he thinks he is... I'm sure he
knows that Campbell is a complete phony... But, he won't
leave Campbell... after all, what else can he do??

Not much in the world of aviation ,no other legitimate publication will hire him
..Lots of writers read this group and they know the players,believe me.

See ya

Chuck S RAH-15/1 ret

"credibility it was always about credibility" chuck s

ChuckSlusarczyk August 9th 04 11:42 AM

In article , Ron Wanttaja says...

3. The suit by Campbell against RAF has been settled out of court.
Campbell sued RAF at the same time as Pulsar, making the same
"verbal-contract to advertise" claim. RAF has agreed to pay Zoom $6,500,
but *not* attorney's fees. The agreement states that the settlement is
"... the compromise of a doubtful and disputed claim and the payment is not
to be construed as an admission of liability... said RELEASES deny
liability and intend merely to avoid further litigation...."

Guess this is the end of RAF's positive comments on ANN LOL!!!

$6500 is probably about 32 hours of lawyer time; since Pulsar won
dismissal, there wouldn't be much left of the RAF $6500 settlement.

Good for Pulsar for standing up to zoom and his tactics I wish RAF would have
done the same.

4. One longstanding lawsuit by a printing company may have been finally
settled. This may allow Campbell to return to print media...books, or even
a magazine to go with Sport Pilot.

Possible but it will flop just like us aviator did with zoom at the helm.ANN has
very little in the way of inhouse generated articles it's mostly stuff off the
wire services written by press release people.He would have to have a lot more
actual articles to make it fly.

5. Campbell and former editor Tim Kern are REALLY at loggerheads.
Campbell, of course, has a tradition of suing ex-employees. Campbell would
probably like to silence Kern (I've been told Kern is critical of Zoom's
business practices) and a lawsuit might allow asking for a gag order to
keep "proprietary information" from public view. He might even scream
"conspiracy!" and add the usual co-defendants.

Kerns is very upset over his treatment by zoom since he left ANN and he can rest
assured if he needs any help from me all he need do is ask.I have "all" of
Tony's papers and records for evidence.

Thanks for the update Ron.

See ya

Chuck S RAH-15/1 ret

RobertR237 August 9th 04 02:34 PM

If God had intended me to fly, He'd have
given me more MONEY.
Lennie the Lurker


I know God gave you more money than me.
Possibly more expenses, too....
or possibly not.

We all gotta play the hand we are dealt, BUT....
Even with a bad hand, there are at least 2 choices -

Nobody gets out alive,
so quit yer bitchin'.

Barnyard BOb - the ol' filosofer

Some must die a more boring death than others.

Bob Reed
www.kisbuild.r-a-reed-assoc.com (KIS Builders Site)
KIS Cruiser in progress...Slow but steady progress....

"Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice,
pull down your pants and Slide on the Ice!"
(M.A.S.H. Sidney Freedman)

[email protected] August 9th 04 03:45 PM

On 09 Aug 2004 13:34:47 GMT, osite (RobertR237)

Some must die a more boring death than others.

Iffen you gots a little of the boredom, kindly pass it on my way, I
can use a little predictability.

Lennie the Lurker

Juan Jimenez August 9th 04 09:34 PM

"JohnT." wrote in

Think it through. the ANN trailer is right next a major funnel point
(gate between flymarket and forum area, and west ramp, etc). Trams also
run through that gate. How can anyone NOT see that trailer with its big
ol' banner tied on.

Why does ANN need a trailer anyway? sleeping quarters?

The trailer has a high speed internet connection and an a/c, as well as
several coolers and plenty of working space. Ever been to the media shack
at any of the airshows? We get our work done much faster.

Juan Jimenez August 9th 04 09:35 PM

(B2431) wrote in

Oh, I get it, my fault that you can't read? Is that it? Or that you
have selective eyeballs? Is that it? HAHAHAHA!

Name once.

I rest my case. ROFL!

I knew you couldn't.

Of course you can't. :)

I skipped it because it doesn't impress me.

Is that your tail tucked itself between your legs when you read that? I
guess you can't even impress yourself. :)

I'm not the one resorting to lies and name calling, juan. Get back to
me when you can act as an adult.

Get over it, Dannyboy. :)

Juan Jimenez August 9th 04 09:38 PM

Corky Scott wrote in

Old Cowboy Wisdom: "Never get into a ****ing contest with a skunk."

shaking head I know cowboy's are a bit slow, but maybe you might want to
point out that it's best to avoid the skunk in the first place rather than
stand there with your pants down, expecting.... what... a b*ow job?

Juan Jimenez August 9th 04 09:39 PM

(Lennie the Lurker) wrote in

Juan Jimenez wrote in message
.. .

Take a hike, you're almost on a par with me, one of the most hated men
on usenet, the only difference is, you spout craptain zoom all the
time, and when I say something on a subject, I know what I'm talking

Is that what your doctor told you? Well, if it works for you and keeps you
off your meds, more power to you. But I gotta tell you, you need to stop
bringing in all that sand from the playground every time you post.

[email protected] August 9th 04 10:56 PM

On Mon, 09 Aug 2004 20:39:25 GMT, Juan Jimenez wrote:

(Lennie the Lurker) wrote in
. com:

Juan Jimenez wrote in message
.. .

Go sit in your suicide capsule and make airplane sounds.

Lennie the Lurker

Juan Jimenez August 10th 04 12:24 AM

wrote in news:[email protected]

Go sit in your suicide capsule and make airplane sounds.
Lennie the Lurker

Meds, numnbnuts. Take your meds. :)

plonk! Into the twit list you go! chuckle

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