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Dave U. Random May 18th 13 10:34 PM

PISSED Belfort Instrument Company DigiWx users
With a customer dissatisfaction rate approaching 25% (that's nearly
one out of every 4 buyers), here's what Belfort Instrument Company
DigiWx AWOS owners are saying....

Libby (S59) airport manager Keith Kinden: It's a piece of ****!

Cross Keys (17N) airport manager Hank Ostrosky: DigiWx is completely
unreliable; reported winds are always wrong!

Collegedale (3M3) airport manager Chris Swain: 100% POOP!

Eureka (88M) airport manager Craig Eaton: Nobody likes it!

Greenville (GRE) airport manager Troy Walker: Prefer the Vaisala AWOS!

Central Jersey (47N) airport manager Greg Burchette: Getting a service
response from Belfort is rare; getting a service fix is impossible!

Belfast Municipal (KBST) airport manager Thomas Kittredge: The DigiWx
system has been down for months; we're seeking a replacement AWOS!

Ravalli County (6S5) airport manager Page Gough: The wind and temp
info is only advisory; it is not FAA certified weather data!

General Dewitt Spain (M01) airport manager Walter Cathey: If we had a
do over again, we wouldn't buy Belfort Instruments DigiWx AWOS

Johnson County (6A4) airport manager James Johnson: No one trusts the
weather data reported from the DigiWx!

Coral Creek (FA54) airport manager Lawrence DeAndrade: We're
embarrassed to admit that we have one of these systems!

Hyde Field (W32) airport manager Stan Fetter: Most pilots prefer to
tune-in the SuperAWOS about a mile away at Potomac Airpark (KVKX)!

Oceana County (C04) airport manager Curt Lohman: I hope no other
airport makes the same mistake we did in putting this DigiWx on our

Edgard G. Obie (S71) airport manager Edgar Obie, Jr: These things are
planted like weeds all over Montana. Its not a pretty picture!

Vandalia Municipal (KVLA) airport manager Chad Feldpouch: The data
spewed from DigiWx (when its working) is always suspect!

Fort Benton (79S) airport manager George Carver: We desperately want a
SuperAWOS because the DigiWx doesn't measure up!

William T Piper Memorial (KLHV) airport manager Edward Watson:
Everytime I flush the toilet, I think of DigiWx!

Brunswick Executive (KBXM) airport manager: I'm still scratching my
head wondering why we bought this pile of ****!

Rio Vista Municipal (O88) airport manager John Andoh: They should have
a picture of DigiWx next to the word "doodee" in the dictionary!

Ocean City Municipal (26N) airport manager William Colangelo: We
bought one of the first ones; I wish I could buy a Vaisala now!

Garnett Municipal (K68) airport manager Gary Ecclefield: My advice to
any airport considering a DigiWx: Run, don't walk, from Belfort AWOS!

Driggs Reed Memorial (KDIJ) airport manager Tom Hunter: We stopped
using DigiWx years ago; it was a faulty untrustworthy AWOS!

Ingersoll Canton (KCTK) airport manager John Johnson: "I don't know of
a single pilot who likes the DigiWx system!

Alexander Municipal (E80) airport manager Robert Uecker: No one uses
this crappy system anymore!

Princeton (39N) airport manager Ken Nierenberg: The state bought this
piece of **** for us and we're not happy about it!

Lee (KANP) airport manager Van Lee: We demoed the DigiWx and didn't
like it so we bought the SuperAWOS instead!

Red Lodge (KRED) airport manager John Ladvala: If you want a DigiWx,
please come take ours!

Sandia Airpark (1N1) airport manager Tina Chapa: Belfort's owner Bruce
R. Robinson tried to shove one of these Digi systems down our

Buy DigiWx and you'll have Digi-**** just like it reads all over the

And don't forget to read about the Meadow Lake Airport AWOS Fiasco at:

Belfort's BIGGIST LIAR at: http://tinyurl.com/markwdecker

For even mo

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