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Regnirps July 12th 04 05:45 AM

"D. Strang" wrote in message

I remember queuing up for a C-141 ride to Panama. This LtCol came
out and told us that the Officers would get on first so they could pick the
best seats, and the enlisted would get on second.

I don't recall any "best steats" unless you mean sitting in the webbing with
your back to one of the couple of tiny windows. If you tried to look out for
very lonf you got a major pain in the neck. No, but I DO remember clever pilots
slipping to loose altitude with a bay full of people facing sideways and no
windows. There were a lot of folks trying not to loose their cookies.

-- Charlie Springer

Regnirps July 12th 04 06:03 AM

(ArtKramr) wrote:

Kerry went to war. Bush didn't

So volunteering and getting turned down isn't good enough? I wanted to be a FAC
but was 4F with kidney stones (how do you get kidney stones at that age?). At
least that meant i could get in tge lifeboat before the women and children ;-)

Bush went the whole route of training and flying. Then they phased out his
plane. We ARE taking about the Johnson Era military after all. They had me mow
lawns for three weeks then sent me home.

Hmmm. I have enjoyed our converstions in the past, but I don't understand this
attitude. Could it be that Bush was a pilot and you were a ???? Is something
eating at you about that after all this time?

-- Charlie Springer

Mike Williamson July 12th 04 06:03 AM

Ian MacLure wrote:

Anyone wounded three times could opt out.

Of course if its discovered that any of those were self
inflicted as it is alleged that Baby Killer Kerry did...

In his defense, I haven't seen any reports that he *intentionally*
wounded himeself, as is traditionally considered in the
self-inflicted wound category. Apparently this was more an instance
of carelessness than intent to injure himself.


Regnirps July 12th 04 06:14 AM

(WalterM140) wrote:

Anyone wounded three times could opt out.

The rules are very specific and he met them with the possible exception of the
rummored self inflicted wound from gofing around with agrenade launcher. But
the nature of the mission and action being undertaked might mitigate that if
true. there is debate between his own statements and those of some of his crew
and the physician.

One of the wounds was treated with a bandaid. By the strick interpretation, he
qualified. However there were plenty of men on the ground who would have had
dozens of awards if they counted every bandaid type wound received under the
amended Purple Heart rules and they stayed for years. Most of the time Kerry
was in the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club.

-- Charlie Springer

Regnirps July 12th 04 06:16 AM

(ArtKramr) wrote:

If I got wounded twice and got two Purple Hearts and a Silver Star I would do
the same thing. Anyone with a brain in their head would do the same thing.

Sorry, you can only get one Purple Heart.

-- Charlie Springer

Steve Hix July 12th 04 07:07 AM

In article ,
(Regnirps) wrote:

(ArtKramr) wrote:

If I got wounded twice and got two Purple Hearts and a Silver Star I would do
the same thing. Anyone with a brain in their head would do the same thing.

Sorry, you can only get one Purple Heart.

This is going to surprise a lot of veterans who earned multiple purple

Dweezil Dwarftosser July 12th 04 08:46 AM

Ian MacLure wrote:

(WalterM140) wrote:

Edwards in 51 YO. That would put him in the 1971 HS class. The draft
ended in 1972.

So explain how he graduated from a 4 yr college in 1974.
Did he have a time machine?

Snicker. Most of the folks attending NCSU (Edwards' alma mater)
are on the five-year-plan for their four-year degrees, today.

Dweezil Dwarftosser July 12th 04 09:00 AM

"D. Strang" wrote:

"Steve Mellenthin" wrote

I get the feeling somehow that our friend JFkerry wasn't as committed to
service as he was to self. Sorta seems as if he couldn't wait to get back to
the States to campaign and help out his little friend Janie.

It's telling that a soldier like Senator Dole quit the senate to run for President,
and JFKerry who is keeping a backup plan. His attendance record is really
hurting his state, but it is another form of self-service.

Heheh. Edwards' attendance record isn't even half as good
as Kerry's. I live in North Carolina - in Raleigh, Edwards'
current home. For the past six years, the only time we've seen
or heard from him, was on TV giving a fund-raising speech in
Iowa. There are only two known examples of his responses to
constituents' letters and petitions.

But we didn't complain; the less time he spent in DC or Raleigh,
the less he could screw things up.
He would not have been re-elected a Senator - and NC will once
again award all its electoral votes to Bush in November.


WalterM140 July 12th 04 10:32 AM

He voted for Clinton in '92 over Bush, a WW II

As president, Bush 41 stumbled into an unneccesary war in the Gulf that cost @
300 US servicemen their lives. He needed to go.

What I can't figure is how many veterans of combat who post here are oblivious
to the fact that both Bush presidencies have cost us hundreds of dead service
people to no good purpose whatsoever.

The roots of this war can be traced easily back to 1990-91. And we now have
7,000 + casualties in Iraq and we are less safer here at home, we're
bankrupting ourselves, the intellgence community is in a shambles, and we've
distanced ourselves from our best allies.

Bush is the worst president ever and he has to go.


WalterM140 July 12th 04 10:33 AM

Edwards in 51 YO. That would put him in the 1971 HS class. The
draft ended in 1972.

So, then, what you're saying is he elected not to volunteer for Vietnam.

I am pretty sure the particulars of that will come out.


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