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Bill Berle February 19th 04 07:51 PM

Cessna Steel Landing Gears, J-3 Seat Sling For Auction
Greetings again, airport bums, homebuilders, restorers and tinkerers.
My sale of treasures and parts continues on ebay, this time around I
am selling two sets of Cessna landing gears and a new Wag Aero J-3
Cub forward seat sling.

One set of the landing gears is from a Cessna 170 (170B I suspect),
although it may also fit the L-19 or early 180's. It would be IDEAL
for a Cessna 172 or 175 taildragger conversion, or to replace a rusted
or broken set on your 170, L-19, or early 180 rebuild project.

Another set is from a later 172 (forward swept main gear, short
height), and needs some moderate corrosion addressed before use. This
might be usable on a Cessna 150 tailwheel conversion or homebuilt.

To see my auctions, click the following link to see the large landing
gear, and then you can "view seller's other auctions" if desired.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eB...m=24 61396034

Happy bidding, and like our Governor says, "I'll be back"

Bill Berle
auster5 (at) earthlink ...dot... net

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