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[email protected] January 1st 17 10:13 PM

Mild steel instead of 4130?
n Friday, December 8, 2000 at 9:00:00 PM UTC+13, Wee Moose wrote:
I know many older planes were made with mild steel tubing. What would be the
problem with using mild steel instead of 4130? I would make all fittings and
high stress areas, like gear, with 4130.


Mild steel versus 4130 is a question that often arises. I note many talk about the extra couple of bucks it costs for 4130 but spare a thought for us guys on the other side of the world that can buy 16 foot length of cold -rolled mild steel tube for $18 while 4130 would cost us $128. For low powered light-
weight puddle-around aircraft there just is no contest!

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