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Craig Funston[_3_] October 26th 18 08:00 PM

Electric Self Launch System
On Friday, October 26, 2018 at 5:34:13 AM UTC-7, Emir Sherbi wrote:

Thanks for the advice. That is the big issue on the project. Is difficult to obtain the same rigidity of a cone like the boom tail once cut. The reinforcement floor and walls will form 3 different enclosed sections with fibers at 45° from the fuselage line.

After the modifications I will test the fuselage with strain gauges to see the new strain distribution and compare them with the original.


Sounds like you've got it covered. It's always interesting to see whether the instrumented prototype matches the modeling.

Best wishes,

Emir Sherbi October 28th 18 04:53 AM

Electric Self Launch System

Yes. But it is very difficult to model composites and worst to model sandwich structures. I am taking some consideration to model the worst case and build up from there. Later I'll test some specimens to see the performance of the layup technique and materials used.


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