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Dick Blizzard December 7th 10 08:41 PM

15 foot tides in the Inside Passage to Alaska
If you are cruising from Seattle to Southeast Alaska, you need to be aware of the problems created by the large tides and the currents that the changing tides create. I have done the 'Inside Passage' several times and I have learned this: South of Nanaimo, British Columbia you will be required to plan your transit of Dodd Narrows. Plan to arrive at Dodd Narrows 1/2 hour prior to slack tide. Your can go through the Narrows when the tide is high and changing to ebb (high slack) or you can go through when the tide is low and changing to flood (low slack). You will have about 20 minutes of slack tide and there will be lots of boats going through the narrows in both directions. It is about how the fast running currents affect your steering, not about the depth of the water. If you are the only boat waiting to go through, you have done something wrong. It is important to note, if you use the Canadian Governments published time table, you must adjust for daylight savings time - a one hour miscalculation will give you a wild ride.

If there is an interest in this challenge you can read more on my website. http://dickblizzard.blogspot.com the click on the feature 'Log of the Cumberland'.

The Seymour Narrows is next and I will make a post later.

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