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LP August 21st 06 04:17 PM

Beagle 206 Parts WANTED
The Beagle Aircraft Preservation Project are looking for several items to
assist with the restoration of Beagle 206X prototype G-ARRM.

The following parts are needed:

We can accept damaged/unairworthy items and repair them as the aircraft will
never fly again.

Both wing flaps. All 5 undercarriage doors.
L/H navlight unit complete with red lens.
R/H navlight lens.
Tail navlight complete.
Upper and lower anti-collision beacons.
Propeller spinners, 2 off.
Possibly, one flap actuator servodyne.
B206 compatible towbar. (or a similar item which we could modify)
2 Rolls Royce Continental 10-470 Engines (Time expired suitable)

Please contact

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