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July 16th 03 07:46 AM

Help me earn my Instrument
In trade for instrument training I utilized my web programming experience to
create an online store for pilot supplies. This is a store project my
instructor took on sometime ago. I have completed my project of categorizing
and loading over 1200 pilot oriented items!! The prices are incredible
because there is virtually no overhead..from pilot training kits to
altimeter wall clocks and everything in between. It would really help in my
training-trade if the store success increased as a result of my work. This
seemed like a proper forum for posting this in. Stop by and check it out is
all I ask (several of the item "pictures" are still forthcoming as they are
a manual upload process), and if you see something you like or need please
consider this store.

The link is http://www.pilotjourneystore.com

If you are interested - check out some of the other training related sites I
am actively working in to provide pilots-in-training some useful tools!

Thanks for the time - fly safe!
Jon Baker

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