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Steve R.[_2_] January 7th 08 02:29 AM


For such a quiet/dead NG, it's amazing how much conversation one little test
post has generated!

Have a great New Year folks!
Steve R.

Stuart & Kathryn Fields January 7th 08 05:56 PM

I'll ask next comm with the new helo owner.

"The OTHER Kevin in San Diego" skiddz "AT" adelphia "DOT" net wrote in
message ...
On Sun, 6 Jan 2008 15:00:44 -0800, "Stuart & Kathryn Fields"

Fallbrook schedule TBD. I'm having a little trouble finding all the parts
and pieces I need. Ship not at airport but a private helipad. I don't
the coordinates yet.

Think the owner would mind me dropping in with an R22 or a 300?

Simon January 12th 08 05:43 AM


I would have sent this direct to you but it seems that there are only a
couple of us using this NG.

Yes... but there are thousands of use that don't fly choppers (or post
here) that do read it! It's a shame, I used to love reading this

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