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Michael Baldwin, Bruce December 19th 06 11:48 PM

My new 300mm dob from Orion Optics UK reviewed
Fagar wrote:
"Double-A" wrote in message

Michael Baldwin, Bruce wrote:
orion94nl wrote:
Hi all,

A few weeks ago I got my new telescope, a 300mm Dobson from Orion
UK. If you want to know more about this telescope and the add-ons and
alterations (digital setting circles from Argo Navis, tube-flocking,
tube-extension, power-supply and fan), the mirror test report, or just
want to see the scope, please follow this link


and open the top story in my blog. It is a rather long article with 20
digital images.

Enjoy the reading.

Clear skies


It sounds like a heap of ****. You paid too much for it anyway.

This must be Bruce's first on-topic post, ever!


I think he took a sabbatical, as his butthole got all torn up at the local
glory hole. As his pooper ails, his brain goes stale and he has flashbacks
to childhood lucidity.

Ever work for Belfort, Fagar?

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