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Michael Baldwin, Bruce May 30th 07 07:56 AM

Tholen on Wikipedia
Brendan R. Wehrung wrote:
"Lora" ) writes:
"Brendan R. Wehrung" wrote in message
) writes:

Tholen is repeatedly deleting the section in his Wikipedia article

On what basis do you make that claim, flonken?

on his substantial history of USENET kookery.

Classic erroneous presupposition.

Anyone interested can see the article he

What does that have to do with classical music, flonken?

the history of the deletions/restores he

What does that have to do with classical music, flonken?

If you are asking this question why are you cross-posting to
comp.os.os2.advocacy,alt.usenet.kooks Dave?

He's always on topic in AUK.

I didn't realize he was an auk.

He's one of the lesser auks.

Gotta admit, though that this from Wikipedia seems pretty correct:

Auks live on the open sea and only go ashore for breeding, although some
species, like the Common Guillemot, spend a great part of the year
defending their nesting spot from others.

Dave, he's really one to defend his nest.

According to Olson's Book of British Birds, he also wets his nest.

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