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Default LS4 aileron gap seal and mylar seal width

On Monday, May 15, 2017 at 12:43:29 PM UTC+10, Eric Foertsch wrote:
A couple questions.

I had ailerons removed for refinishing and now looking at maintenance manual to see what is needed for the gap seal. The maintenance manual indicates using double sided adhesive to glue non-adhesive gap seal between wing and aileron.

I could have sworn though that the gap seal was installed more like the right hand diagram at - which shows using adhesive backed gap seal tape.

I didn't see anything in glider log book about the gap seal being replaced, so was wondering if the factory gap seal might have changed over time.

Would it be OK to use the adhesive gap seal tape? And if so what width?

The advantage would be the ailerons can be put back on by A/P and I can apply the gap seal and Mylar seal myself at a later time.

With the double sided adhesive/non-adhesive gap seal tape I would have to have it at installed on wing before the ailerons get put back on.

Also does anyone know the proper width of the mylar seal? The former owner had replaced the mylar seals and I just want to double check the proper width was used. I could not find a reference in the manual for the proper width.



Hi Eric,

Try this website, they sell the kits for different gliders