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I have an AMD XP2500, XP Professional, 556RAM, ATI Radeon 9600 Pro.......
and my experience with 2004 is totally dismal.

About every 4 four seconds my frame rate drops from 19fps to 1fps, with the
result that the sim lurches horribly from forward progress to dead stop.
Additionally, MS seems to lose my MS Force Feedback 2 joystick from time to
time, leaving me without the ability to control my already stuttering plane.
When it hasn't lost the FF2 it often seems to lose its FF centering tension
ability . Since I upgraded to the latest Radeon driver ( is what
the Device Manager shows it as) I also get smeared graphics when I drag a
panel such as the GPS across the screen from one position to another - the
entire screeen dissolves into horizontal color bands that then restore to a
normal screen after a few seconds.

All of the above happens whether the sliders are maxed out to the right or
all the way to the left.

This thing is a nightmare. Any suggestions welcomed as to how to set the
sliders or how my Bios should be adjusted.

P.S. Katy, I'm sure you are reading these posts, even if MS might not be
....... is anyone consolidating symptoms such as mine and forwarding them to