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Can you tell me why my 2D panels disappear when I turn antialiasing on? I'm
running win98SE with an AMD 1.2ghz processor, 512 mb ram, and a radeon 9000
64mb card.

Thanks for any help.


"Katy" wrote in message
I have got a bad dose of the Radeon problems mentioned in a lot of posts,
the "bleeding" text, which although a pain is not the end of the world,

the"swimming" scenery on my machine (High end Dell, 512mb, Radeon 9700

128mb) makes FS2004 almost unusable.

Some folks on Radeon drivers have posted that they just have the text
problem, otherwise everything else is fine.

Would be really useful if those that have a reasonably stable FS2004
experience, on Radeon drivers, posted their graphics settings, so others
could try them, trial and error hasn't helped me.

fyi, Like may others I have posted the problem on ATI support pages, but

response other than a system acknowledgment, makes for excellent Customer
Service on their part.

To help with the shimmering of texture (especially bad with ATI cards)
try those settings: mipmap to 4 in FS, no anti-aliasing, autogen
scenery to medium. In the drivers properties push anisotropic
filtering to the maximum available, set anti-aliasing to a medium

Katy Pluta

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