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From: (WalterM140)
Date: 6/29/2004 5:40 AM Central Daylight Time

Today's New York Times:

"The extreme reach of the administration's view that a war president is not
subject to check by the other branches of government was apparent in the
recently disclosed memorandums on torturing prisoners. A Defense Department
memo from March 2003 said that "any effort by Congress to regulate the
interrogation of unlawful combatants would violate the Constitution's sole
vesting of the commander-in-chief authority in the president." The
administration later disavowed that argument. It would plainly fail the
Court's test."

These sorry Republican *******s have got to go.


Walt, please get a dictionary and look up 'usurp' and 'disavow.'

Secondly look beyond the NYT article.

Thirdly please take your rants elswhere.

Dan, U.S. Air Force, retired