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Bill & Susan Maddux
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I am a former Air Force Aircraft maintainer. I worked on B-52s with the
325th BS and B-1 with the 28th BS. I did 12 years in the military. 6 years
after the gulf war I got sick, had to choice a desk job or separation. I am
now a nurse with the VA. I have worked in two different States.

Minnesota, and now Missouri. I loved my time with the St Cloud VA, and
enjoyed the time I spent with my Extend Care patients. THey became family to
us, as they had very fe w visitors. the local Veteran groups played a large
part in the hospitalized veterans there.

Now in Missouri, I work for Jefferson Barracks in St Louis. I have not seen
this much disorganization since I deployed for the Gulf in 1991. WE hardly
have the proper eguipment we need to help our vets. We have supervisor out
for themselves. and the veteran's groups hardly put an effort into the VA. I
have asked the local groups to put more into patient cares. not that they
should do it, but rather fight for our brother in the hospital. I have made
allot of noise on my end, but have gotten tired of hit my head on the wall.
I am leaving this VA in January 05 to seek out another job. but will
continue to seek justice for my patients as a non-governmental employee.

We could always use volunteers at the VA to just talk with patients, of play
a card game with them. the staff here is so short, that most times we hardly
get to know them.

Bill "maddog" Maddux