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Default Writing an Aerobatic Training Course

aussieman02 wrote:
I'm looking for information or guidance writing a course of training
for aerobatic flight. I've written courses for Private, Instrument,
and Commercial 141 training, but am looking for assistance regarding
aerobatics. My goal with the course is introducing the basic
aerobatic maneuvers to prospective students in a formal training
setting. Ideally, this would consist of ground and flight training
amouting to 10-12 flight hours and associated ground training time.

Could anyone offer guidance in the sequence with which to introduce
the maneuvers? I'm relatively new to aerobatic flying, and the way
with which I learned the maneuvers was not in the most efficient or
'non-disorientating' manner.

The scope of the training would be simply to expand on 'upset courses'
and introduce students to basic aerobatic maneuvering and attitude
aircraft control. This would require the student to be certificated
to at least the Private Pilot level. So in essence, the first 2-3
hours of the course would be the familiar 'upset training' that most
institutions offer.

Any suggestions or guidance with this is greatly appreciated!!


Get a copy of the AOPA aerobatic syllabus
( or look in almost any
decent aeros book ("basic aeros" by Goulian and Szurovy or "better
aeros" by Cassidy).

I normally use something like this order for the basics: aileron
(ballistic) roll, loop, wingover, barrel roll, ROT, Stall turn
(hammerhead), precision spin, slow roll. Somewhere in there would be
academic spin, spin from manouevre, unusual attitude recoveries.