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Default Time can be back to square one

Sometimes the feelings is like knitting a sweater, the beginning of each stitch carefully prepared, eventually just gently pull back to the starting point in the good feelings there is no material basis outcome is the same. But when with the material as a foundation, the feelings are not in feelings. Has become the trading. Become a cause of money and material and emotional conflict, when faced when retention is unnecessary to give up but are not willing to. Forget but can not do. Forgotten, but how also forgotten the love of that period had now their own good times. Life are often insisted should not insist missed should not be missed
Feelings in the eyes of the others are dull, but I do not know what to do when they are facing. When their opposite choice, knowing where to start. When they face their own feelings to an end, but want to retain, to retain the share once this had a sweet time spent with their seasons to accompany the people who traveled together, but I do not know how to explain. Want to explain, but found that he had been seriously wounded. Becomes not love to talk, away from friends and even relatives. Want to say exports, but found it was too late is not suitable when some of his words to the mouth
This point onwards will be thinking about their own future, all such thinking now, before the sweet fantasy, has now become a dream, a touch on the broken dream to one another can not believe that, unable to accept the dream one had such a sweet, broken dreams, I feel each other's mistakes, is the fault of his (her) the other party is not, is the other side and now the chatter, the consequences of brewing, with the sublimation of the contradictions, the distance between us also with distance and in the invisible, the long distance between two people have a gap, the gap between the distance between the mind more and more far, so the other party he (she) chose silence, with the Silence of the time on the passage of time got tired of each other, tired of each other, tired of the side of his (her), tired of life now, tired and his (her) life, and even began to have a nasty attitude, sometimes trifle and quarrels, and quarreling for a little trivial things, I feel each other unreasonable, is not the original understanding that he (she). Is not desperate to pay for their own, he (she) is not constantly in the failure to encourage their advance that he (she) is not to encourage their lost time in the lodge of his former guiding light, not have snuggling. He is not what they have safe haven, but she did not have a simple girl.