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Default Anyone know what happened to Sky Life Flying Camp?

I too was at Skylife in the early 1970s and am in the AIG ad photo. The camp was briefly based in the house in Bedford, NY where I grew up. Lee Barnes & Sky Life moved in after my family moved out in 1969. He rented from my father, as I recall.

I went to the Edinburg camp one year as a camper and one year as a "counselor," which mostly meant working in the kitchen. We counselors lived in an old chicken coop behind the house that headquartered the camp.

It's interesting, and sometimes sad, to read the many stories of Sky Life alumni. Barnes was indisputably a gay pedophile but tried to cover it with macho swagger and constant denunciations of "faggots" and "communists." Perhaps not incongruously, he tormented his patently gay and effeminate step-son.