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Default Continental PE-150 Ground Power Unit 150HP For Sale

On Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at 2:47:32 AM UTC-4, Victor Bravo wrote:
I have a Continental PE-150 150 horsepower ground power unit for sale.
This is the non-aviation derivative of the O-470, rated at 150 HP and
was used for military aircraft start carts, generators, pumps, etc.

The engine is intact and undamaged. Consider it a core, but a good
straight "not-f***ed-up" core. This is not junk.
No I have never run it.
No I have never overhauled it.
No I do not have any paperwork,, logs, manuals, etc. for it. Zero,
nada, bupkis.
No it does not have the big generator or pump on it.
No I do not know how much it weighs (about as much as the Titanic in
my opinion)
No I do not know what it takes to make it into an EXP airplane engine
Yes I will drop it off at the local freight yard, but YOU will have to
have THEM palletize or crate it
Yes of course you can come pick it up here KWHP near Burbank, CA

Soliciting real offers... cash or trade, whatcha got? Airplane stuff

DO NOT reply to this forum or the forum linked e-mail... None of that
will get to me. Interested parties reply to my direct mailbox
victorbravo )at{ sbcglobal )( net

How much for a PE150