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Ray Andraka
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You can get a Cherokee Six with a seventh seat (mine has it). If the six
passengers include children, this is a workable seating arrangement. If all
adults, they'd better be petite and on very friendly terms. The seventh seat
is a filler about 10 inches wide that goes between the seats in the middle row
so that the middle row seats three across. The cabin is 49 inches wide, which
means a scant 16" per person. AFAIK, the seventh seat is only available with
the forward facing seats. I'm not aware of any other piston singles that can
seat more than six with the exception of an Antonov AN-2, which is a huge
soviet biplane with a big radial engine. Also, as a freshly minted pilot,
you'll probably find the insurance for something with more than six seats to
be prohibitive.

Jay Honeck wrote:

c) I also would like to take with me around 6pax with me

I don't know of a single engine plane that will do this, short of a Cessna
208 Caravan?

Since they run something around a million bucks a copy, you might want to
scale this goal back a bit!

If you can get by only carrying five passengers, look for a Piper Cherokee
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