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Chopping the wing will effect the center of lift for swept wing
aircraft, but most homebuilts (e.g RV) have a wing that just goes
straight out, chopping wing just chops lift (and drag). And I'd have
to agree, it ain't a good idea on just any old plane. First of all,
you make the basic wing on the short side for your highest speed
operation, then you have to expose the load bearing elements of the
wing structure for your extensions to be able to couple. The
structure must be able to handle the extra load from whatever longer
wing extension you attach. But in the end, you have a plane with a
wide operating envelope.

The idea dawned on me after looking at the regular structure of an
RV-8A wing I was watching being built up and comparing an aquintances
shaved wing EZ that he says he needs to come over the fence at 100kts
minimum but it goes real fast on a small HP motor.

Ernest Christley wrote in message
Granted that this would have been taken into account by the designer,
but wouldn't this play hell with the center of lift and by extension
throw off the CG? That is, it wouldn't modify the CG, just change where
it SHOULD be.

I'm thinking that it isn't a good idea in just any old plane.