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Default PC power using aircraft ground

On Feb 4, 6:26*pm, "Bill Daniels" [email protected] wrote:

No answer on the ground wire but how do you like the LS800? *Do you have the
"View Anywhere" screen and/or the SSD drive?

Bill D

I have been using Jeppview FliteDeck for 3 years now on an old laptop
with a cheap touch screen car monitor. Just got the Motion 2 months
ago. The LS800 w/ View Anywhere screen is more readable with a lot
less wires running thru my aircraft. Overall it is a plus compare
with my last setup. But the requirement of a stylist as the pointing
device is a drag. If I have to do it over, I will go with a
transreflective car monitor w/ touch screen like this:

I don't have the SSD drive. I have been to 11,500 for more than 2
hours without problem. I will switch to a SSD drvie on the first sign
of HD problem, or when I turbo normalize my airplane after I win the
lotto ;-)