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Bill Daniels
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Default PC power using aircraft ground

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On Feb 4, 6:26 pm, "Bill Daniels" [email protected] wrote:

No answer on the ground wire but how do you like the LS800? Do you have
"View Anywhere" screen and/or the SSD drive?

Bill D

I have been using Jeppview FliteDeck for 3 years now on an old laptop
with a cheap touch screen car monitor. Just got the Motion 2 months
ago. The LS800 w/ View Anywhere screen is more readable with a lot
less wires running thru my aircraft. Overall it is a plus compare
with my last setup. But the requirement of a stylist as the pointing
device is a drag. If I have to do it over, I will go with a
transreflective car monitor w/ touch screen like this:

I don't have the SSD drive. I have been to 11,500 for more than 2
hours without problem. I will switch to a SSD drvie on the first sign
of HD problem, or when I turbo normalize my airplane after I win the
lotto ;-)

I'd been looking at the LS800 for use in my glider. The touch screen is not
ideal but it can be made to work. I've also thought about building my own
system. I have the software I want and the Via Pico ITX computer runs it
fine with little battery drain. The problem is a high visibility, low power
monitor. I haven't found one I like yet.

Bill D