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Default PC power using aircraft ground

I run a Motion LS800 for my EFB. I use a DC 12V to 19V power
converter to power my LS800 since I have a 12V aircraft system.

To minimize the number of wires, can I use a single wire to run +19V
from the power converter to LS800 and connect the ground from power
converter to LS800 thru the airfram ground?

Thanks in advance,

Robin Hou

Maybe! To step 14V up to 19V takes a switching power supply, some
switchers use transformer coupling, so they have no connection from the
input side to the output side. Others have a common connection between
input and output. Is the common connection between the input minus and
output minus? It would take a look at the schematic or an Ohmmeter to
find out.

I wouldn't use the airframe as one side of the power feed to the power
converter or the LS800. Switching supplies have a nasty habit of
creating noise in aircraft audio systems due to ground loops that may
exist between two parts of the airframe where audio items are grounded.
Witness all the problems folks have with alternator whine and strobe
squeal in their headphone audio.

MikeML, Skylane, Pacer