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Default Bungee Material for Landing Gear and Engine Bay Doors

On Sun, 03 Dec 2017 05:38:01 -0800, julietsix wrote:

I am looking for a source for bungee material for my landing gear and
engine bay doors (ASH-26E). The original (German-sourced?) bungee is
about 5 mm diameter and stretches to about twice the rested length.

Try Amazon or eBay. Both sell 5mm bungee in 10 and 20m lengths, 100m
reels or by the metre. In the UK we can also get it from boating
equipment stores and firms selling tents and awnings to market traders.

I thought that REI and similar stores may sell bungee. They do, on either
side of the pond, but its not what you want. Their 'bungee' is what you'd
use to tie stuff onto a car's roof rack: 8-10mm diameter, 2-3 feet long
and with a hook on each end.

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