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Default Bungee Material for Landing Gear and Engine Bay Doors

On Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 2:29:35 PM UTC-6, jfitch wrote:
On Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 5:38:05 AM UTC-8, wrote:
I am looking for a source for bungee material for my landing gear and engine bay doors (ASH-26E). The original (German-sourced?) bungee is about 5 mm diameter and stretches to about twice the rested length. The 3/16 inch USA-sourced material I have been able to find (McMaster-Carr, etc.) doesn't stretch quite as much, about 75% rested length. Since the adjustment on the '26's engine bay doors is quite critical, I really would like to find the original (German-sourced?) bungee material with more stretch. Anyone know where I can get some?


West Marine.

Yes, all good tips, thanks. I have an email out to Rex and Noelle. I have checked just one local big box outdoor store, and they had some 3/16 inch but the stuff they had again only stretched about 75%. There are others close by, we'll see. I haven't checked West Marine or other marine supply, don't really have one very close to me here in Birmingham, Alabama.

Maybe I'm being picky on looking for 100% stretch, but the '26's engine bay doors are a bit finicky on the adjustment (at least mine are). I'm thinking more stretchiness (more like the original material) would be more forgiving and easier to adjust correctly. And might last longer, too.

Thanks again,
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