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Joseph Brown
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I have to agree with Trexa. Regardless of who's right or wrong, Jetstar
International is creating a very dangerous situation not just for the VA
airlines, but also the whole flightsim community itself. Not only can
the airlines start going after the VA airlines, (Which is exactly what
they will do) they may also go after all the painted liveries in the
various flight sim libraries like avsim or American
Airlines didn't just go after the VA airlines, they also went after the
repaints too. Remember how long you couldn't find an AA livery on I don't know if JIA thought of all the repercussions of
this action, but it could spell catastrophe to the whole flightsim
community, and could also spill over to other communities like the
Trainsim community. I think JIA needs to rethink this course of action.
If QANTAS is guilty of copyright infringement, then every flight sim
repainter of commercial airliners is guilty of the same.