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Default Bungee Material for Landing Gear and Engine Bay Doors

Perhaps the Schleicher dealer in the US.

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I am looking for a source for bungee material for my landing gear and engine bay doors (ASH-26E). The original (German-sourced?) bungee is about 5 mm diameter and stretches to about twice the rested length. The 3/16 inch USA-sourced material I have been able to find (McMaster-Carr, etc.) doesn't stretch quite as much, about 75% rested length. Since the adjustment on the '26's engine bay doors is quite critical, I really would like to find the original (German-sourced?) bungee material with more stretch. Anyone know where I can get some?


Thanks, guys, good input....

No joy on Amazon (searching from the USA), but I'll keep checking.

I have an eBay purchase on the way, from China, real cheap. The best "specifications" I can find are comments like "100% stretch" and "Capable of stretching under load to about twice it's untensioned length". I am not real confident of getting decent quality, life, or performance, we'll see what I get. Here are two links:

I did find a German eBay supplier, but they are out of stock on 5 mm: KIs7sdsA

I've checked Aircraft Spruce also, "shock cord", but they don't stock 5 mm (3/16 inch). Their material is MIL-C-5651D spec'ed, greater than 100% elongation, so that is good. If I don't like the 5 mm stuff I get from eBay, I might try their 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch material.

But the best would be to find the original (German-sourced?) material.... This may be it:

But 20 meters is way more than I need, and they want 30 Euros to ship Germany to USA.

We'll see what I get from China. But I still would like to get a meter or two of the original stuff if I can.


Source for 3/16 inch MIL-C-5651D Type 1 shock cord, 500 ft rolls, that's a lot of gear doors, haha!


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