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I don't know *anyone* who has an instrument or night rating that hasn't had
at least one close call due to their own stupidity. Don't think you should
slate a guy simply 'cause he lucked out.

JFK Jr. wasn't yet rated and he didn't have a close call; he died and
took two people with him. The only positive is that his own criminal
negligence killed him as well as his passengers.

Roger. who only fly's VFR these days, and is happier for it

Learn to punctuate and you'll be even happier.

First of all: there is NO such thing as a "night rating" in the US!

Secondly: criminal?

It could happen to ANY of us, under the right circumstances.

JFK Jr's accident follows a classic pattern:

1. Pilot is under a lot of stress.
a) His "George" magazine was failing.
b) He was behind schedule because his pax were late.
c) He was recovering from a leg injury.
d) The visibility wasn't up to par.
f) Night had fallen over the last part of the trip.
e) He was probably tired, after a long day.

2. He flies, not realizing the effect that the stress has placed on his
piloting skills/judgement.

Just read the ASRS reports to see how these conditions can creep up on
an otherwise proficient pilot and take heed!

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