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C Knowles
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This is taken from Aerospace web

"The advantages of forward sweep have long been known as such wings offer
lower wave drag, reduced bending moments, and delayed stall when compared to
more traditional wing shapes. Unfortunately, forward sweep also induces
twisting strong enough to rip the wings off an aircraft built of
conventional materials. To solve this problem, the Su-47 makes use of
composite materials carefully tailored to resist twisting while still
allowing the wing to bend for improved aerodynamic behavior. "

"However, Sukhoi has apparently decided to abandon the forward-swept wings
of the S-37, and the future production model will return to a more
conventional wing layout. If true, Sukhoi may have reached the same
conclusion as NASA did following testing of the X-29--the benefits of
forward-swept wings are just not worth the extra cost and complexity
associated with their design and manufacture."


"James Dandy" wrote in message
Pardon my ignorance on all matters concerning modern aviation but just
why the hell would you want to sweep a wing forward?

Doesn't that make any aircraft unstable? If so, why would any pilot
feel safe in it?

Has anyone ever made one work?

James Dandy