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Mike Rapoport
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I'm sure that they are as good as any but the real issue is how old are your
boots? By the time "it looks like it is time to repair the boots" they are
usually shot. Repairing boots with any process is not the same as getting
new boots, you still have old rubber which will crack under the new shiny
coating that the boot repair companies put on. If your boots are old it is
time to get new ones. A lot of brokers use the boot repair services because
they fix the holes and make the boots LOOK new. If you want to get dirty
and sticky you can probably put them on yourself or with the help of someone
who has done them before. Desser carries the boots at good prices:


"gbessert" wrote in message
Looks like its time to repair the boots ... I have contacted a company
called Boots Edge Repair Corp out of Bethany, OK. Does anyone have any
experience with this company and their repair process... good or bad.

let me know what you know. Thanks