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Default Strong-armed by the "Quiet Birdmen"?

On Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 5:23:17 PM UTC-8, wrote:
Please humor me...

What's with this group known as the "Quiet Birdmen"?

I'm a free-lance writer with little or no interest in aviation.
However, through a fortuitous turn of events, I stumbled across this
seemingly ultra-secretive group known as "The Ancient and Secret Order
of Quiet Birdmen." I happened to get a great angle on what I thought
would be a provocative story, then hit a brick wall -- and worse.

The story is centered on the group's annual party -- known as a "Wing
Ding" -- held in Las Vegas last October.

After a preliminary investigation of circumstances surrounding this
event, I was clearly discouraged from publication of the piece. Certain
self-proclaimed members of the "Quiet Birdmen" took a very heavy-handed
approach to discouraging me from writing the article. They backed off
after I went to the police, as their techniques may have bordered on
harassment and criminal threatening. So what gives here? The last time
I checked, the first amendment was still in effect.

Should I be worried? They came on pretty strong (while hiding behind a
telephone, anyway). My family is concerned. To add to the frustration,
my attempts to find a central office for this fraternal group have
yielded no results. It's weird.

Any opinions or info on "The Ancient and Secret Order of Quiet Birdmen"
would be most welcome.

Sid Goldfarb

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The Secret organisation was started in 1921 after WWI by pilots from the war. My mothers uncle Bernard "Mique" Doolin joined in the the same year along with his friends Eddie Rickenbacker, Raymond Brooks & General James H. Doolittle. Great men all.

Dave Williams