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Anyone out there?

Yep. But not much shake'n.

I hear the West Port, Oklahoma fly-inn has been scheduled for the fall
this year.

You betcha. It is the only one in the mid-west that we are covering for
the magazine this year.
We will be presenting a forum at the Golden West show addressing the
things we learned about anodizing and aluminum structures.
The Utah Fly-In is still on our list, but we have cancelled our appearance
at the Freedom Fly-In at Mirage Dry Lake. The @#$% BLM has fenced in the
lake and is charging $15/ car for us to use public land. We are
boycotting their (Public land BS) facility.

Bad News, A Safari helicopter crashed near Phoenix with two on board.
Fatal for both. This helicopter and crew graced the cover of our magazine
in Sept 2008. Details and probable cause TBD.

Sorry to hear about the Safari, that's a bit personal for you. Any idea what
went wrong?