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Have fun is it a snow plough of bob cat..

I'm 100km west of Brisbane, so I don't get much snow, but I'm high enough up
the range to get some good frosts. My problem is all the bloody rocks,
ranging from tailwheel size up to tractor wheel size.

The toy is a Komatsu D21S-5 Dozer Shovel (or drott). It's 3810kg with a 0.4
metre (0.52 yard) bucket and next time anyone complains about an oil change
on their plane, this one takes 34.5 litres of hydraulic oil and 43.5 litres
of engine and gearbox oil. And for those of you that think that's not much
compared to their plane, this little four cylinder diesel has 38 horses.

And just like a plane, it's so many years old it's now registered on
komatsu's website as "rustbucket" so I can call for bits and they can call
up my machine by my customer name and machine reference number.....

Thanks, I am having fun, but yes I did "buy the farm", it was the death of
my flying for many years!!!!!!!!!!