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Default T6 Formation flight with Ship to Ship and ATC COMS - Video

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BeechSundowner wrote:

On Sep 9, 10:22*pm, Orval Fairbairn
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I take it that the front seater was doing the flying. the formation
looks too good for a first-timer. Nice formation element takeoff!

The $4 position in the diamond is probably the easiest position to fly,
other than Lead.

Dissimilar aircraft in the formation can be more challenging!

See: some of our stuff here at
Spruce Creek.

Oh yeah, I wasn't the stick and rudder guy! I don't have 1/100 the
talent the pilot had in flying!

I am surprised you say this though as in his plane there were many
more gauges in the front seat. Is it usually the opposite (back seat
doing the flying?)

In formation flight, the pilot rarely scans his instruments -- it is all
about getting into and STAYING in position. The throttle is the most
important control -- constantly adjusting to small changes in relative
speeds. It is easier to do in close than far out, since all movements
are angular and require smaller adjustments if you are in close.

Most new formation guys are reluctant to get in close until they get
comfortable, making learning more difficult.

While in GWO, pilot gave another pilot a T6 check out and the check
out pilot had to do the checkout from the back seat. Of course first
thing that happened was the engine magically failed on take off LOL

While in formation, the lead was working on his lead certification (I
think for NATA or CAF?) so not sure if it came out in the video, but
some non standard moves were purposely done so the lead could be
tested on "gathering up the troops". Suffice it to say, while fun as
all get out, this was one of the most learning experiences I had as
well! Never knew formation flight was about angles vs airspeed among
many many other small details!.

I could not see the hand signals in the videos, since hand signals and
airplane motions are the primary means of communicating formation

VERY cool pics, has MUCH more meaning to me :-))))


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