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In article , RobertR237 says...
Gee Chuck, are you surprised that Zoom would want to take some photos of one of
the industries most influential people. I am sure that he must be doing some
followup story on the latest story in Kitplanes. I saw your photo and it was
very flattering but must have had some airbrush work done on it. Hell, You
haven't looked that good in decades. BFG

It must have been the result of my "nose job" last month LOL!!

I know that story had to have made Zoom sick and so damn jealous that he
couldn't see straight. After all, here he is the savior of general aviation
and the super journalist, greatest test pilot every, phone more types of
aircraft than anyone in the world but doesn't even get a mention.

It was an honor to receive the award and to get recognized by Kitplanes it's
nice to know that you made a small mark in the sand. To be recognized by one's
peers is very satisfying.zoom on the other hand has peer recognition but not the
kind that gets you an award . zoom can't fool more than a few people at a
time and certainly not his peers. The people who compile most of the awards out
there are well aware of zoom. I'm sure he's very jealous and since he knows
he'll never get recognition from his peers it probably eats him up.

Sadly he probably could have been a positive force in aviation but his methods
of running his business and his tactic of intimidating people who disagree with
him have caused most people in the industry to have a sour taste toward him.
Dan Johnson has been honored with a test pilot award and justly so. He really
does what he writes about and his peers know that.zoom won't get that award
because they know he didn't loop, roll and spin every plane he said he did.

To some I'm just another RAH-15 Lister who never did anything except be a member
of the over reacting, rabble rousing,capt zoom lynch mob, a position that I hold
in high esteem :-)Tony would be proud :-)

Chuck S RAH-15/1 ret

"Credibility it was always about credibility" chuck s